Previous Participants

Details on past participants of FUEL artist residency

The FUEL residency has evolved each year in response to artist’s needs. Below is a list of previous participants of our development programme.


Fionnuala Gygax Hostel16

Fionnuala Gygax

30 November – 05 December​ 2015

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Artist name: Fionnuala Gygax

Project name: Hostel 16

Tell us a little bit about previous projects you have worked on: As an actor, I have performed in dozens of theatre productions, some of which include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, In Camera, Stockholm (Samuel Beckett Theatre), Sometimes We Break (Junk Ensemble), The Critic (Rough Magic), The Last Post (Dublin Fringe), various Macnas productions, a one woman show, Noodle, which I wrote and performed as part of the Galway Fringe Festival, 2014 and most recently Eipic (Magamedia Productions)which will be aired on TG4 in February. Last year I devised and directed a large ensemble production MASS in the Samuel Beckett Theatre, which examined the influence of the Catholic Church in Ireland. In 2011 I interned with Pan Pan and since then have worked on The Seagull and Other Birds (2014), Amercanitis (2013) and Everyone is King Lear in His Own Home (2012) -all Dublin Theatre Festival. I assisted Maeve Stone on Red Room (Peacock Theatre) and Wake (a co-production with Chamber Made Opera, Melbourne).

Describe your project: Hostel 16 is an examination and interrogation of the Direct Provision system in Ireland and the conditions in which asylum seekers are expected to live in. Our project is theatrical and political, based on a play written by me, Seekers, which follows the stories of asylum seekers living in Direct Provision. The play focuses on the lack of privacy and claustrophobia within the world of the hostel, as well as boredom, depression, lack of independence, sexual frustration and abuse. Hostel 16 will incorporate elements of this script and also include new devised material based on further research and fresh discussions in the rehearsal room.

FUEL Artist Residence from 30th November – 5th December 2015.

Martin Maguire The Inside Turn

Martin Maguire

14 – 19 December 2015

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Artist name: Martin Maguire

Project name: The Inside Turn

Tell us a little bit about previous projects you have worked on: JOLT: Volition Theatre development program 2014; Chasing Butterflies by Siobhan Donnellan (best actor award-Cork Arts Theatre); Closer (Anam, Town Hall Theatre). The Honey Spike (Mephisto); Almost a Fantasy (Mephisto); Martin also played in The Bower Wall as part of Druid’s Debut Series

Describe your project: Unable to accept his shattered new identity, Toddledgy James escapes on an exhilarating journey through his past; when dance fed his soul and he still knew his mind. As his mother always said “if you loose the head the body is no good”. The Inside Turn, a physical rollercoaster, brim full of humor & poignancy.

FUEL Artist in Residence from 14th – 19th December 2015.

Roisin Stack Fuel

Róisín Stack

07 – 12 December 2015

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Artist name: Róisín Stack

Project name: My Poet, Dark & Slender

Tell us a little bit about previous projects you have worked on: I’ve worked as dramaturg (DoDo Theatre), director (Mephisto), performer (You Me Bum Bum Train; San Francisco Mime Troupe; Fregoli; GYT), mentor (NUIG Theatre Week; JOLT: Volition) and I’ve written and collaborated on pieces that have been staged at Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Cúirt International Festival of Literature and Galway Arts Festival (as it was then).

Describe your project: I read a beautiful English translation of a Padraig O’Conaire story, M’fhile Caol Dubh, and wanted to adapt it for the stage. It’s a story about a woman who has an affair with a poet who is not all that he seems, so there’s a real air of suspicion, passion and tension that lends itself to a good show, but having said that I don’t just want to put this story on stage as it is, I want to pull it apart a bit and find an interesting, theatrical way of telling it.

FUEL Artist in Residence from 7th – 12th December 2016.

Theatre Rooms







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Thereisbear! are a Galway-based theatre company. They were awarded the inaugural FUEL residency for 2014 and developed a new production, No Show. 

Set around a big prestigious showband competition in January 1970, on a dancehall stage accompanied by a live band, No Show is a gripping journey through a dazzling period of Irish pop history.