Invitation to Raise a Glass With Us in Memory of Tom Murphy

This afternoon we invite you to join us in raising a glass to our friend and colleague, Tom Murphy, who passed away on Tuesday.

Our venue, the Mick Lally Theatre on Druid Lane, will open from 3:30pm - 4:30pm today, Thursday 17th May and all are welcome to attend to remember the life and work of the great Tom Murphy.

‘'Our world became a smaller darker place this week. Tom’s death is the departure of a giant from literature and from life, but he has given us a light to guide us through the darkness. His plays, beacons that help us make sense of our existence, will endure for ever. I loved Tom passionately as a writer and as a person. He made a difference in the world. There will be time to celebrate his life and his talent - the great wit and passion of the man - but for now we are bereft. Is cinnte gur Baile gan Gáire é an domhan seo inniu​.'’- Artistic Director Garry Hynes