Autumn Production Announced - DruidShakespeare: Richard III

I clothe my naked villainy 

with odd ends stolen forth of Holy Writ,

And seem a saint, when most I play the devil

- Richard III

Druid today announced plans to stage DruidShakespeare: Richard III by William Shakespeare in association with The Abbey Theatre.

Shakespeare gives us one of the great villains in Richard III. The play is a chilling and darkly comic story of power and ambition. With this new production Druid continues its exploration of Shakespeare’s Kings with the acclaimed creative team and members of the Druid Ensemble who worked on DruidShakespeare: Richard II, Henry IV (Pts. 1 & 2) and Henry V.

When peace descends, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is not a happy man. Crippled from birth and intensely ambitious, he sets about bending the world to his desires. No bond is too sacred, no blood too thick; nothing will stand between Richard and the crown.