New Partnerships at Druid

We are honoured to announce two new partnerships: the Business to Arts Fundraising Fellowship and Dalata Hotels patronage.

Fundraising Fellowship Ireland

After an open call for applications in November 2017, Cork Film Festival and Druid  were selected by Business to Arts to participate in a 24-month fundraising fellowship. The 2 recruited Fellows will take part in a structured programme of training and mentorship developed by Business to Arts as part of the Fellowship. The aim is to equip the recruited fellows and their cultural organisations with skills to build fundraising capacity in their organisations.

‘We’re delighted to have been selected for the Business to Arts Fundraising Fellowship. We’re looking forward to both the learning and the challenges that lie ahead, and the outcomes of this fantastic initiative, which will undoubtedly lead to further growth for us as a company”​’- Garry Hynes, Driud Artistic Director

Dalata Hotel Patronage

The patronage will see Dalata support Druid from 2018 to 2021.  This fantastic opportunity allows us to continue delivering internationally acclaimed theatrical productions the world over.

Dalata Hotels operate worldwide and include Clayton and Maldron Hotels.

‘Druid is extremely grateful to Dalata and Business to Arts for these opportunities, which ensure a bright future for the company. With both of these partnerships, we are set to continue growing in artistic output and company activity and we look forward to deepening connections with Dalata and Business to Arts on this journey.’- Cathal Goan, Druid Chair