Druid Debut - Bir Tawil

Rory is a literary agent struggling with his sexuality, his dreary job, his mother’s oncoming dementia and his father's inability to care for her. He dreams of escape and when he meets venerable author Bríd and free-spirited Piotr, he can see a glimmer of possibility, but the waves of doubt, depression and fear are almost overwhelming. He’s drowning and needs saving.

Bir Tawil is a new Irish play about the human need for stories; that their value, and the value of all art, is not simply monetary but essential to the human experience.

Druid Debuts staged readings offer the opportunity to experience work fresh off the page and to share an open engaging discussion with writer and cast. Grab a ticket, catch a reading and stick around to have your say.


Creative Team

  • Writer Barry McStay
  • Director Caitriona McLaughlin
  • Dramaturg Pamela McQueen


  • Rory Peter Campion
  • Sarah Clare Dunne
  • Fiona Gina Moxley
  • Bríd Marie Mullen
  • Mam Ruth McCabe
  • Dad Andrew Bennett
  • Piotr Rhys Dunlop

Production Team

  • Stage Manager Sophie Flynn