Druid presents a major new production of John B. Keane's most popular play, Sive.

Nana and Mena bicker and provoke one another in the small smoky cottage where they live with Sive and Mena’s husband, Mike. While Nana dotes on her orphaned granddaughter, Sive, Mena plots to marry the young girl off to an old local farmer for the promise of land and a chance to escape from poverty.

Written in 1959, Sive has become an Irish classic and one of the nation's best loved plays. It is a story about a battle of generations, a country in flux, exploitation, greed, love and tragedy all told with John B's lyrical dialogue and great Irish humour.

‘The Co Kerry playwright’s mix of melodrama and myth was a cocktail so powerful that it blew the head off a country ’- The Irish Times