Make a One-off Donation

Your gift to us can make a big difference.  Every donation, small or large, makes a direct impact - from Druid Debuts and New Writing to our Mainstage Productions.

Make a One-off Donation →

Every gift, small or large, makes a big difference to what we do on a daily basis. From props, costumes and exciting pieces of stage scenery to ensuring we get to read and review all submitted scripts and all applications to our FUEL programme, your gift can make a fundamental impact - often in ways you can’t even imagine …..

How much would you like to donate? Here’s some idea of what your one-off gift can pay for:

  • €10 - The price of one sugar glass bottle as used in the fight scene in Tom Murphy’s A Whistle in the Dark.

  • €25 - Paid for a batch of false eggs as used in the dinner scene in Eugene McCabe’s King of the Castle.

  • €55 - Pays for a submitted playscript to be read and an internal review written up.

  • €190 - The cost to purchase and re-configure the radio used in The Beauty Queen of Leenane.

  • €1,500 - The cost of 50kg of nails used to create the unique tree in our production of Waiting for Godot.

Click here to make your one-off donation for any of the above or to donate an amount fo your choice.