Set and Costume Workshops

For almost 50 years, Galway has been our home – it is where we work, rehearse, produce and perform.

It is also where we make our sets, props and costumes at our Ballybane Scenic Workshop on the outskirts of Galway and our Nuns’ Island Costume Department in the historic core of the city.

These two buildings are physical representations of Druid’s commitment to our hometown and to the craftspeople and technicians who work with us. What you see on stage would not be possible without the skill and talent of these people, making magic happen in our worskshops. We are proud to play our part in supporting employment in the West of Ireland.

Be it the crown from DruidShakespeare or the tree from Waiting for Godot, it began life in Galway. And each life is often a long one - Druid’s sustainability practices are evident throughout our workshops where our costumes, props and sets are reused, recycled and reimagined. Our work is built to last, created in Galway, toured around the world, and returned to Galway to become something new.