Thinking of applying to FUEL? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about the process.

How do I apply to FUEL via video or audio file?

In an effort to make the programme accessible to all, you can now apply via video, audio file or written application. Video and audio files should be approx. 5 minutes long and provide the necessary information to complete the application process. Applicants will not be judged on quality of the production of video or audio files.

You must complete all mandatory fields of the application form.

How much theatre experience do I need to apply to FUEL?

We are looking for artists with ambition, passion and originality, at any stage of their careers. We expect all applicants to have some experience of creating work (outside of a third level institution), but not every successful FUEL applicant has had a long career in theatre. Your track record in theatre is important, but equally important is the strength and clarity of your idea, your suitability to the FUEL programme, and your passion and originality as demonstrated in your application.

I have just finished a third level theatre course - can I apply for FUEL?

We welcome recent graduates in applying for FUEL but we expect some experience of making theatre outside a third level institution and request you outline evidence of same.

I am a playwright - can I apply to FUEL?

Yes, playwrights are welcome to apply but we expect all applicants to have a team in mind who can work with them to develop their piece during the residency and showcase weeks. Druid is not in a position to provide cast, creatives etc.

I was born in the West but no longer live there - am I eligible for FUEL?

No. A recent utility bill is required to prove current residence in the West of Ireland (Galway, Mayo, Clare, Roscommon, Longford, Leitrim or Sligo). FUEL is specific to artists living and working in this area where there are fewer resources available for theatre makers.

I have an idea for a project but have already started developing it. Can I apply for FUEL with this idea?

If your idea is early enough in the process so as to allow creative development, it is eligible. The idea of the FUEL workshops is that they inform your creative practice as well as your idea.

You may not apply with an idea which has already been staged, either at third level or in another environment.

I do not have an idea to develop during FUEL but I want to enhance my practice generally. Is it still OK to apply for FUEL?

No. All applicants are required to apply with an idea for a project, through which they will develop their practice. Your idea may change as the programme progresses, but you should apply with an idea for which you have a passion and a vision.

How fleshed-out does my idea need to be?

You should have a clear idea of what you want to do and why you want to do it. You should be able to give us the background of your idea: What sparked it? How does it follow on it from work you have created or experienced before? What makes it interesting?

You do not need to tell us how you plan to make the work (aside from listing your team), nor do we expect you to go into detail about the elements of your idea, such as the finer plot points.

I am available for some, but not all of the year. Can I still apply for FUEL?

Applicants must be available and based in the west of Ireland from November - July. A schedule will be provided in November and applicants should be able to work their other commitments around FUEL at that point. If you cannot commit to being available between November and July, it might be best to wait for a more suitable opportunity to apply.

How much of my time do I need to commit to FUEL?

As above, applicants must be based in the west of Ireland and available to participate in FUEL from November to July. Generally speaking, the FUEL programme consists of approximately 18 paid contact days and additional unpaid optional days where participants may avail of hot desking, Druid Academy workshops, attendance at shows etc.

The schedule for FUEL differs each year but generally speaking, workshops take place in November and December, residencies run in January and February, the FUEL showcase takes place in April, and reFUEL runs in July during GIAF.

A full schedule for FUEL will be circulated to successful applicants.