Announcing our 2023 FUEL artists

We are delighted to announce the artists taking part in FUEL 2023: Eibhleann Caffrey, Fionnuala Doyle Wade, Brídín Nic Dhonncha, Jenni Nikinmaa and Martin Warde.

5 January 2023

These five artists will embark on the creation of a new theatre piece during the 9-month FUEL programme, which includes mentorship, workshops, residency periods, a showcase event in The Mick Lally Theatre, networking events, funding and producing advice.

Eibhleann Caffrey is a writer and director based in Galway City. Her work explores issues facing Irish teens and the influence of social media in our day-to-day lives. Through the use of verse and rhyme, Eibhleann brings the virtual space into the theatrical, in order to tackle generational conflict, influencer culture and the resulting mental health challenges. During FUEL 2023, Eibhleann will develop What a P*ssy, a play that explores the Irish Catholic education system and our resulting confusion about bodily autonomy.

Fionnuala Doyle Wade is a dance artist from Seattle, currently based in Galway City. She has worked with Galway Dance Project, Macnas, Baboró International Arts Festival for Children and with Erik Kaiel of Arch 8 in the Netherlands on The Streets Are Ours, a Galway 2020 project with Baboró. During FUEL 2023, Fionnuala will develop here, forgotten, lies Eleanor, a dance theatre work inspired by the story of the 1910 fire at Menlo Castle.

Brídín Nic Dhonncha is a Connemara-based actor and voiceover artist, and has appeared on screen in Ros na Rún (TG4), Aifric (Telegael), Síog na bPost (Fíbín Media) and the award-winning short film, Rúbaí (Magamedia). During FUEL 2023, Brídín will develop An Ceilpeadóir, an Irish language show that combines live performance with audio visual elements. The show will explore our relationship with death and nature , burial and the earth, and what fear is.

Jenni Nikinmaa works as a playwright and theatre-maker, mostly within immersive productions, audio-based work, site-related pieces, digital theatre, and other experimental forms. Her most recent plays include a work-in-progress showing of an immersive waiting room, The Other World, and a digital play written for computer about suicide and self-harm. During FUEL 2023, Jenni will develop SHEEP, a play in monologue form inspired by the sheep on Clare Island that explores a sense of not belonging.

Martin Warde is a stand-up comedian/writer, theatre-maker and podcaster with a passion for telling stories from the margins. He is passionate about learning and sees each opportunity to expand his knowledge as an essential step towards empowering himself and nurturing his artistic practices. During FUEL 2023, Martin will develop The Dead House, a play which centres around Patrick, a gay man in self-exile from his Irish Traveller family. He has returned home on the day of his grandfather's wake after being away for 10 years.

Read more about the 2023 FUEL artists and their projects here.

FUEL is supported by the Arts Council, Kumi & Bill Martin, Jim & Lori Steinberg and FinanceBoston.