Druid Debuts Online - Programme Change

In place of Four Days in July by Peter Daly, Druid will instead present a live rehearsed reading of The Mouth of the Birch by Shane Mac an Bhaird, directed by Emily Foran. This will be at the same time: Thursday 16 July at 7.30pm. More Information.

All bookings for Thursday night will automatically be transferred over to the new play.

In the interval since Four Days in July by Peter Daly was programmed for Druid Debuts Online, we have become aware that we do not have appropriate structures in place for assessing the complex issues of race, colour and ethnicity that may arise when plays of this nature are performed.

Druid needs to attend to this and consequently the public reading of Four Days in July has been postponed until this can been done.

Druid’s Artistic Director Garry Hynes apologised to the writer Peter Daly, the director Aaron Monaghan and members of the cast for this omission and for the inconvenience caused to them by it.

We will be bringing you Four Days in July at a later stage and all customers who booked for that reading will be offered tickets at a later date at no cost.