Druid Debuts

Each summer, the Druid Debut series features a number of new plays which have been submitted during the New Writing submission window.

Playwrights are given professional support, a director, cast and space in which to develop their script to a rehearsed reading level. After the reading, audience feedback is invited as a means of further development. Previous Druid Debuts have included:

2000: The Bower Wall by Paul O’Brien, Desert Places by Paul Kennedy.

2001: The Welcome by Gerald Murphy, It Just Came Out by Christian O’ Reilly, Learning to Love Doreen Nolan by Owen Dunne, Abeyance by Abbie Spallen, My Brilliant Divorce by Geraldine Aron*.

2008: A Lock of Fierce Roars by John McManus, Those Yellow Boots by Maria Elner, A Certain Romance by Stephen Jones.

2009: Sunday Morning Coming Down by Michéal Donnellan, The Home Front by John O’Donovan.

2013: Happy Birthday Jacob by Michael Marshall, Be Infants in Evil by Brian Martin*.

2014: A Boy Called Nedd by Emily Gilmore Murphy, Helen and I by Meadhbh McHugh*.

2016: Shelter by Cristín Kehoe*, In Lipstick by Annie Jenkins.

2017: Bir Tawil by Barry McStay, Furniture by Sonya Kelly.*

*Subsequently premiered by Druid