Druid Debuts

Each summer, the Druid Debut series features a number of new plays which have been submitted during the New Writing submission window.

Playwrights are given professional support, a director, cast and space in which to develop their script to a rehearsed reading level. After the reading, audience feedback is invited as a means of further development. Previous Druid Debuts have included:

2000: The Bower Wall by Paul O’Brien, Desert Places by Paul Kennedy.

2001: The Welcome by Gerald Murphy, It Just Came Out by Chrisitian O’ Reilly, Learning to Love Doreen Nolan by Owen Dunne, Abeyance by Abbie Spallen, My Brilliant Divorce* by Geraldine Aron.

2008: A Lock of Fierce Roars by John Mcmanus, Those Yellow Boots by Maria Elner, A Certain Romance by Stephen Jones.

2009: Sunday Morning Coming Down by Michael Donnellan, The Homes Front by John O’Donovan.

2013: Happy Birthday Jacob by Michael Marshall, Be Infants in Evil* by Brian Martin, The Colleen Bawn by Dion Boucicault.

2014: A Boy Called Nedd by Emily Gilmore Murphy, Helen and I* by Meadhbh McHugh.

2016: Shelter by Cristín Kehoe*, In Lipstick by Annie Jenkins.

2017: Bir Tawil by Barry McStay, Furniture by Sonya Kelly.*

*Subsequently premiered by Druid