Druid Debut - You Belong to Me

After nearly forty years of marriage, Pato and Patty can't stand the sight of each other - but they can't afford to be apart. So they're stuck, looking at each other through an invisible wall that doesn't exist, but does exist, living separate lives, together. Judge says so.

You Belong to Me is a darkly funny play about the rules we make, the lives we break and the dancing in between.

The Druid Debuts are a chance to shape the future of Irish writing. Come and be part of the post-show discussion!

Why not spend the day with us? You can catch a Druid Debut, a performance of Shelter and a performance of Furniture all in the one day. See below for details.


Creative Team

  • Writer Rory Nolan
  • Director Garry Hynes


  • Patty Marie Mullen
  • Pato Seán McGinley
  • Gary Peter Daly
  • Cliff Andrew Bennett

Production Team

  • Stage Manager Sophie Flynn
  • Post-Show Moderator Eleanor White