The Beacon

A mysterious accident. A dead husband. People are talking. Secrets are resurfacing from the depths. Is the past ever truly dead?

Beiv, a celebrated artist, has moved from suburban Dublin to her holiday cottage on an island off the coast of West Cork. But a dark shadow from the past hangs over her. When her estranged son and his new young wife arrive to stay, she is faced with some difficult questions.

The Beacon, a new play by Nancy Harris, was commissioned by Druid in 2016. This will be a co-production with the Gate Theatre as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2019.



  • Jane Brennan
  • Rae Gray
  • Dan Monaghan
  • Cillian Ó Gairbhí
  • Marty Rea


  • Director Garry Hynes
  • Set & Costume Francis O'Connor
  • Lighting James F. Ingalls
  • Sound Gregory Clarke