Druid Academy at NUI Galway

The Druid Academy is a master-class series led by Druid and  Associate Artists for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Centre for Theatre and Performance, NUI Galway.

The classes cover a range of topics - from casting, to direction, to set design – and complement third level drama training at NUIG. The Druid Academy provides training in theatre that meets best international practice while also embedding the values associated with Druid into the teaching curriculum. Borne out of a vision to create excellent theatre, teaching in the Druid Academy follows the Druid approach, focusing on ensemble as a mode of performance, rigorous critical analysis of theatre, by both practitioners and audiences, and an awareness of the importance of audience in a variety of locations: locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Master-classes delivered as part of the Druid Academy have included:

  • Garry Hynes (Adjunct Professor)
  • Derbhle Crotty
  • Maureen Hughes
  • Annabelle Comyn
  • Mark O’Rowe
  • Marty Rea
  • Rory Nolan 
  • Francis O’Connor