Submit a Script

Our 2017 window for accpeting scripts has now closed. Please check back in early 2018 to check our dates for script submissions next year.

Playwrights who submit a script during the submission window will have their work reviewed. Scripts received outside of this time will not be considered. Scripts must be submitted via an online form -  scripts sent via email, post or other means will not be accepted.

The company accepts plays in the English language. For the purposes of clarity: Druid accepts translations of original plays into English, which meet our criteria.

Please ensure you have read our guidelines before submitting your script.

How It Works

For the open submission process, a reading panel assists the Artistic Director in assessing your play and ensures that a range of perspectives are brought to bear on each submission.

While Druid gives consideration to all plays submitted within the allotted period, we are not in a position to give a detailed a response to each.

The open submission process takes place alongside commissions, workshops, mentoring, public readings and other playwright development initiatives as part of Druid’s commitment to bring new work into production.