Give Me Justice - Songs of Social Justice University of Galway Alumni Vocal Ensemble

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  • 17 - 18 February 2024
  • 5pm
  • Tickets €12.50

The award-winning University of Galway Alumni Vocal Ensemble present Give Me Justice, a concert featuring songs of social justice.

This once-off concert to mark International Social Justice Day features an array of contemporary choral music dealing with issues from misogyny to homelessness.

The concert also includes a premiere of a piece entitled ‘Clean Air’ composed for this ensemble by Limerick composer Fiona Linnane using a speech from Saoirse Exton, a young climate activist in Limerick, from her 2019 speech at a protest against a new incinerator plant (burning tyres) being proposed for Limerick city.

The ensemble will examine issues of the refugee crisis, war, killing, climate change, suicide, queer liberation, homelessness, colonialism, misogyny etc.

The concert will last one hour and include several Irish premieres of musical works including ‘Say Her Name', a piece where the choir will remind the audience of the litany of women who have been failed by men and the State. By continuing to use these women’s name we remember them, sleep their names into the now and use this to evoke change.

The programme:
1. Give me Justice (2002) - James MacMillan (b.1969)
2. Lay Fallow (2019) - Isabella Gerometta (b.1994)
3. Clean Air (2023) - Fiona Linnane (b.1978)
4. Madame Jeanette (1931) - Alan Murray (1890-1952)
5. Dark Hour (2015) - Gordon Hamilton (b.1982)
6. Drones (2015) - MUSE after Palestrina (1525-1596) “Drones” album
7. Would you harbour me? (1994) - Ysäye Barnwell (b.1946)
8. Elmina Castle (2006) - Colin Mawby (1926-2019)
9. Homeless (1986) - Paul Simon (b.1941) “Graceland” album
10. Say her name (2020) - Alysia Lee (b.1991)
11. Rise like a Phoenix (2014) - Conchita Wurst (b.1988)
12. In this heart (1994) - Sinead O’Connor (1966-2023) “Universal Mother” album